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Snake Nut Can



Snake in the Nut Can Prank by SS Adams

A Snake Pops Out at Your Unsuspecting Victim When They Open the Can
This Classic Item is a Must Own for Every Prank Lover And Toy Collector
This Small Package Packs a Big Surprise
Pop Out Snake Measures 3 Feet Long
Pranks And Magic by SS Adams

Big surprises come in small packages.  Don’t believe us? 
Here, help yourself to some nuts and let us explain…
Includes one 3 foot long snake.

The nut can is the most famous of the dozen of snake hideouts that Adams sold. It was first conceived when Adams wanted to get back at his wife for nagging at him for neglecting to tighten the jar lids. His wife's reaction guaranteed the prank a spot in Adams' array of gags.

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