Chop Cup Kit with Props & Online Training


Learn Magic Chop Cup Tricks!

The Chop Cup with Props & Training Course
by Magic Makers

Make balls appear and disappear from the Chop Cup by Magic Makers.

This magical cup is precision made for the professional magician as well as those just starting in magic.

What you will get...
  • The Magic Makers Chop Cup
  • A set of special red knit balls (props)
  • A set of rubber bounce balls (props)
  • Instructional magic training course for fast learning to make the magic happen


Chop Cup Dimensions

2.0 inches Tall

1.8 inch Opening Bottom Inner Diameter

1.4 inch Top Inner Diameter

0.9 inch Crochet Ball Diameter

1.4 inch Rubber Ball Load Diameter

Chop Cup Weight: 1 oz


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