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Phantom Vanishing Kit

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The Phantom Kit

With your sleeves rolled up, imagine borrowing a bill from your spectator and make it vanish right before their eyes!
With the Phantom you can make ANY coin vanish right from your hands. A jacket isn't even required to execute this effect.

The Phantom Kit does this and so much more.

Included is the instructional course on using your Phantom Kit, you will also learn new techniques for the street performer. You can even make a dollar bill transform into another bill right in your hands and in full open view with your audience!

Included in Kit

Phantom Vanishing Gimmick

Special Props

Phantom Kit Training Course Online

Historical Significance In Magic
This effect has evolved from the gambler's holdout. Most of the holdout devices used in the present day were invented in the 19th century. The combination of functions with the added hook up method make the Phantom Kit a powerful tool for magical performances.

Be Bold. Perform Like A Pro.

Phantom Vanishing Kit Phantom Vanishing Kit