INCLUDED: The Gimmick Card. You will need a Red Bicycle Deck. SETUP: Remove Jack of Clubs from the deck.
Start with the gimmick card on top, Joker face up.
Ask your spectator to hold the Joker face up.
Rotate the deck face down. Riffle through the deck and have them place the Joker halfway in.
Spread the cards to show the Joker's location. The Joker must be higher to make the gimmick card effective.
Show your spectator the card just below the Joker. (You are forcing Jack of Clubs)
Remove the card below the Joker (they think Jack of Clubs) and the Joker. Place them on the table.
Rotate your hands to show the Jack of Clubs is not in your hands.
Gather the cards in one hand and place the Joker on the bottom of the deck.
Lose the card they believe is the Jack of Clubs by placing it in the deck, then shuffle the cards.
Remove the two of Jokers saying, "I don't know why they keep Jokers in the deck anymore".
Spread the cards face up, showing the card they chose has disappeared.


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