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Legend with Cards - 15 Card Trick Moves


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Are looking to become a "real" card worker? Or learn how to make someone think of any card you want them to?

That is exactly what you will learn in this comprehensive course on card trick moves.
We have compiled 15 of the BEST original card moves that have never before been published until now.

Perform some of the most amazing controls false shuffles and passes known in magic as well as the elusive power to make someone think of the card you want them to think of.


  • The Convincer
  • The Spin Pass
  • The KN Shift
  • The Classic Pass
  • The Spring Pass
  • Deception Card
  • Flip Flop to the Top
  • KN Cover Pass
  • Spread Reverse
  • KN Bottom Control
  • The Magic Control
  • The Think Control
  • Roll Up Sleeves Pass
  • One Handed Shift
  • Open Side Steal
  • The Point Control
  • KN False Shuffle


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