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Secret Card Tricks Magic Kit

Secret Card Tricks Magic Kit

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IN THE BOX: You will receive these Secret Card Tricks including the Blue Bicycle brand Faded Deck of Cards, Ultimate Aces, Ultimate 3 Card Trick, and a special access card that gives you links to learn more secret card tricks.

BLUE BICYCLE DECK: This collectible deck also features a very powerful card trick called The Ultimate 3 Card Trick with online video teaching. These standard Bicycle playing cards are designed with a natural looking fade for a vintage feel on a classic favorite. Printed on Bicycle Stock for ease of handling, it’s a poker size deck that has 3 bonus gaff cards for performing card tricks.

ULTIMATE ACES: Learn 7 stunning card tricks with aces. Each trick is explained by professional magician Ben Salinas in online teaching videos. You’re sure to amaze audiences with these magical aces. A thin black wallet for storing the cards is also included.

MAGIC SECRETS: Learn the secrets to these incredible magic tricks from experienced magicians who want you to succeed. This box contains memorable tricks that can be learned after watching the online video lessons.

UNLOCK THE MAGIC: Get access to magic teaching videos that show you the methods behind these impressive tricks. These step-by-step videos are taught by professional magicians and will quickly sharpen your magic skills. Now you’re ready to master all the tricks in your Secret Card Tricks magic kit.


Dimensions: 6.125 x 4.125 x 1 inches
Weight: 0.40 lb

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