30 Tricks and Tips- Svengali Deck


Magic Svengali Deck with DVD..

Discover the magic of the remarkable Svengali deck!

The Svengali deck has 26 normal length cards and 26 slightly shorter cards. The short cards are your force cards.

This comprehensive magic training course will allow you to master all the tips and tricks of the Svengali deck.
Astonish your audiences with this remarkable trick!

You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to the Svengali Deck
  • Secret Methods & Handling
  • Difference Between Short & Long Cards
  • Professional Routine
  • Double Lift Technique
  • Full Deck Display
  • Spell My Name
  • Card to Wallet
  • Pure Prediction
  • Feel Their Pulse
  • 3 Deck Monte
  • Eddy Ray's Ultimate 3 Pile Monte
  • You Find Your Card
  • Card Case Leftovers
  • Easy Ambitions Cards
  • Eddy Ray's Card Jump
  • Surprise Selections
  • In Your Hand
  • DNA Fingerprints
  • In The Dark
  • Perfect Vision
AND much more!


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