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50 Amazing Bar Tricks Kit - Magic Tricks for Adults

50 Amazing Bar Tricks Kit - Magic Tricks for Adults

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50 Amazing Bar Tricks is the go-to for magicians taking their magic out on the town. Inspired by 50s style design, the collectible box contains many amazing magic tricks that are sure to score you several free drinks from your audience.

Tricks include:
The Secret Box, Deland's Automatic Deck, Magic Arrow Stick, Water to Wine Card Packet Trick, the Great Pyramid Puzzle, Magic Compass and so much more. Access to online video lessons where you can watch video series for Bar Tricks and Betchas and Lake Tahoe Bar Magic.

This Bar Magic Kit will provide endless hours of fun for both the performer and their unsuspecting audience. Who knows, with this kit, you may never have to pay for a drink at the bar again?

Package Details:
Single packaged unit
Dimensions: 7.72 x 5.39 x 1.69 inches
Weight: 9 ounces

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