Around The World Mind Reading Magic Deck Around The World Mind Reading Magic Deck

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Around The World Mind Reading Magic Deck

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Go Around the World with this Amazing Card Trick Deck!

Experience the magic of the Around the World Mind Reading deck! This extraordinary card trick deck features unique backs adorned with flags from various countries. Simply ask your spectator to select a card, memorize the corresponding flag on the back, and prepare to be dazzled. With uncanny accuracy, you will consistently reveal their chosen card. 

Know what card they chose every time!

Whether you're a beginner or an expert magician, this deck is a must-have, offering easy-to-learn techniques for impressive performances that will leave a lasting impression.

You Will Receive:

  • Around the World Mind Reading Deck (poker-size deck)
  • Printed instructions and online learning link

The Around The World Mind Reading Deck was created by Rob Stiff and based on a long history of magic effects.

Magic History Time Line:

 Fred Lowe "Fred" trick (he also went by the name Christened Reverse)

1971 Fred the Card by Dave Campbell (dedicated to Fred Lowe)
1973 I'll Name Your Card by Nick Trost and Aldini
1980 Oscar another variation by Nick Trost
1980 ”Fred" by Joe Riding
1981 A Card Named Fred in Abracadabra vol. 73 By Ali Bongo This was the method or version that was popularized by Don Alan as "Fido" & sometimes called "Clyde."
1985 Final Fred presented in Madrid at FISM by Phil Goldstein
1989 The Devil's Deck by Eugene Burger in "The Experience of Magic"
1999 Grandpa's Deck by Danny Archer
1994 Name that Card by Bob Solari
2015 Around The World Mind Reading Deck by Rob Stiff using picture backs of international flags

*This crediting section is in process for further updates.