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Collector's Card Press Chrome - Limited Edition

Collector's Card Press Chrome - Limited Edition

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  • 19th Century European Design

  • This Impressive Device Keeps Your Card Decks Perfectly Flat

  • Accommodates to Playing Card Decks & Most Tarot Cards

  • Already Assembled With Special Bicycle Deck - A True Collector’s Item

  • By Rob Stiff Magic Makers

Own A Piece of History

Card presses, also known as card flatteners or card straighteners, have a long history in Vienna, Austria particularly within the context of card gaming and card magic. Vienna, with its rich cultural heritage and historical significance in Europe, has been a hub for various forms of entertainment and leisure activities, including card games and magic performances.

The use of card presses can be traced back to the 19th century when card playing became a popular pastime in Vienna's social circles. Card players, particularly those engaged in games like Bridge, Poker, and Tarock, sought ways to maintain the integrity and longevity of their playing cards. Card presses emerged as essential tools for flattening and restoring cards that had become bent or warped due to frequent use.

In addition to their practical utility in card gaming, card presses found a niche in the realm of magic and illusion. Magicians in Vienna, renowned for their skill and innovation, incorporated card presses into their performances to enhance the visual impact of their tricks. By restoring bent or crumpled cards to their original state using a card press, magicians could execute sleight of hand maneuvers with precision and finesse, dazzling audiences with their seemingly impossible feats.

Vienna's vibrant cultural scene, which fostered the exchange of ideas and techniques among card players, magicians, and craftsmen, contributed to the refinement and evolution of card presses over time. Artisans in Vienna specialized in creating intricately designed and finely crafted card presses, catering to the discerning tastes of card enthusiasts and performers alike.

Today, the legacy of card presses in Vienna endures, albeit in a more niche and specialized capacity. While modern advancements in materials and technology have transformed the landscape of card gaming and magic, the tradition of preserving and enhancing playing cards through the use of card presses remains a testament to Vienna's enduring influence on the world of entertainment and leisure.

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