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Magic Makers

Deception Dice

Deception Dice

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Step into a world of mystery and marvel with the Deception Dice, a timeless classic from the brilliant mind of magic creator Tony Spina & Rob Stiff. Originally released 25 years ago as the Diabolical Die by Magic Makers, this effect has stood the test of time, captivating audiences with its ingenious secrets and flawless execution. Today, Magic Makers is proud to reintroduce this masterpiece, giving a new generation of performers the opportunity to experience its unparalleled power of astonishment.

The Effect:
Ask your spectator to freely choose a number on the die, placing it face down in the chamber and covering it with the lid. The entire process is completely under their control, ensuring that you, the magician, have no way of seeing their selection. Yet, with a mere glance at the sealed chamber, you can confidently and accurately name the spectator's thought-of number, leaving them stunned and wondering how such an impossible feat could be achieved.

Skill Level:
Designed for magicians of all skill levels, the Deception Dice is remarkably easy to master. 

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