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Magic Makers

Giant Three Shell Game with Green Ball

Giant Three Shell Game with Green Ball

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Giant Three Shell Game - Street Edition

Magic Makers Giant Three Shell Game is a super-sized version of the classic shell game, perfect for entertaining audiences of all ages. The set includes three large shells and a pea, all made from durable materials suitable for frequent use. The jumbo size of the props allows for enhanced visibility, making it an ideal choice for performing in front of larger crowds at parties, festivals, or corporate events.

Key Features:

  1. Oversized shells and pea for enhanced visibility and audience engagement
  2. Durable, high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance
  3. Easy to learn and perform, suitable for beginners and experienced magicians alike
  4. Provides an interactive and entertaining experience for the audience
  5. Perfect for various events, including birthday parties, street performances, and corporate gatherings

With the Magic Makers Giant Three Shell Game, magicians can captivate and amaze their audience as they skillfully manipulate the massive shells, challenging spectators to keep their eye on the elusive pea. This timeless classic is now bigger and better than ever, guaranteeing a memorable and engaging performance that will leave your audience wanting more.

These monster shells measure 203 x 146 x 63.5 mm. They are massive. Shells come with 1 green ball.

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