Impact - Card Deck Penetration Illusion Impact - Card Deck Penetration Illusion

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Impact - Card Deck Penetration Illusion

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Impact by Rob Stiff Magic Makers

Spectators watch a folded card effortlessly penetrate through an ordinary deck of poker cards, only to reveal an astonishing finale: a solid block of gleaming metal emerges from within the card box, leaving your audience spellbound." This steel block gimmick design is highly deceptive.

Impact Magic Apparatus - Stainless Steel Edition
Pre Cut Bicycle Poker Deck Tuck Case (card box)

Any poker size card box can be used with the Impact Gimmick

History In Magic
Impact is based and designed on Rob Stiff's 1995 Matchbox Illusion; first released in both brass and stainless steel. What you are getting is Rob's exact Matchbox Illusion block scaled up to work in a poker card box...

This isn't just a trick; it's a symphony of deception, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary with the grace and precision of a master illusionist.