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Madness Behind The Methods - Instant Download

Madness Behind The Methods - Instant Download

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Learn from one of the most entertaining magicians in the world, Simon Lovell, in this complete course on magic training! Get a front seat with up close and personal instruction from Simon himself!! He will explain his most valuable and sought after secrets! Simon’s entertaining demeanor will have you laughing throughout this course and keep you intrigued for an easy to follow and fun learning experience. Embark on a journey into the mind of a magic genius!

Contents in this course include:


  • Fingered
  • The Namer
  • Heartless
  • Your Number’s Up
  • Star Trick
  • Imagination
  • Twitsted Rose
  • Sleight of Tongue


  • The Packet Wallet
  • Another Departed Point
  • Lemming Ace Exchange
  • Whispering Royal
  • Kicked: Gaffed Deck
  • Derek Dingle’s Collectors
  • Radical Aces Explained

  • The Standing Vanish
  • The Wobbly Wombat


  • Lovey Dovey Sandwich
  • Jack Catch
  • Simon Takes on Le Paul
  • Sandwich 2001
  • Coin Deck
  • Nightmare Deck
  • Sploge
  • Simon’s Matrix
  • Vernon Can Be Explained
  • Oily Snobs
  • Lily Long Legs Story

  • Sidney the Hamster
  • Sebastian the Mind Reading Chicken
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