Magic Deception Deck - Color Changing Magic Card Trick Magic Deception Deck - Color Changing Magic Card Trick

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Magic Deception Deck - Color Changing Magic Card Trick

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Baffle your audiences with this incredible trick that keeps on surprising.

Watch the demo and see you will believe...

When used skillfully, the Magic Deception Deck can give your audience the impression that the cards are constantly changing direction and getting mixed up, only to magically restore order in the end. The Magic Deception Deck is the tool used by magicians for creating an unforgettable experience.

Included you will receive instructional online training and you’ll learn the entire performance and method from Simon Lovell and a whole lot more! Your kit comes complete with extra cards for yet more routines all of which are taught in full detail.

Card Tricks Included:

  • Color Changing Deck where the deck will change from red to blue before your very eyes.
  • Disappearing Card where a magician's ability to convincingly switch the cards without the audience noticing is what makes the trick entertaining and deceptive.
  • Transpo Kings where the spectators select kings and the magician is able to make them completely switch decks. 
  • McDonald's Kings aka McDonald's Aces which involves sleight of hand and misdirection to create the illusion of magic. 
  • Variety of other incredible tricks are included.

This trick is based on an original creation of Theodore DeLand in 1914 titled INVERTO.In 1918 DeLand sold the rights to his effects to the SS Adams Co. that is now owned and operated by MAGIC MAKERS, INC.

Single Packaged Unit 
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