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Magic Makers

Mystery Box - Limited Edition

Mystery Box - Limited Edition

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Introducing the Magic Makers Mystery Box - Limited Edition, the ultimate tool for magicians to elevate their performances. This hand crafted device is deceptivaly designed to seamlessly execute with ease.

Imagine borrowing a ring, a signed bill, or receiving a signed playing card from a spectator, only to seemingly vanish it into thin air. But fear not, for with a flourish, the object reappears within the securely padlocked confines of the Mystery Box, much to the spectator's bewilderment and amazement.

Crafted with precision and designed for maximum impact, this limited edition marvel is not just a prop - it's an essential tool for any serious magician.

Whether performing on stage, at parties, or in intimate settings, the Magic Makers Mystery Box is the secret weapon that every magician dreams of possessing. Elevate your magic to the next level and leave your audiences gasping in disbelief with this extraordinary device with the Magic Makers Mystery Box - Limited Edition.

As an added Bonus:
You get a Magic Makers Bill Vanishing Cloth.
You can instantly switch out a spectator's signed bill with this highly deceptive Bill Vanishing Cloth. As fast as you go to grab the Mystery Box, the signed bill can be instantly locked inside...Yes, it's really amazing...!

Fits In The Palm of Your Hand:

2.5 Inches Wide
2.0 Inches Deep
1.8 Inches Tall

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