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Magic Pen Trick - Original

Magic Pen Trick - Original

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Pen Through Bill Magic Trick - Original Pen


Astound your audience as you perform this quick and easy magic trick!

The Magic Pen is forced through a bill and then removed; leaving NO hole in the bill! Best of all, the Magic Pen and bill can be handed out for complete examination to shock even the most skeptic of observers.

  • Highly Effective Trick For ALL Levels Of Magic
  •  Quick & Easy To Master Magic
  •  Any Paper Money (Bill) Can Be Used With This Effect
  •  This Is A Trick Your Spectators Will Never Forget
  •  Magic Category: Tricks With Everyday Objects
  •  Wider Barrel Style Pen (Different From The Thinner Barrel Magic Makers Mystery Pen)

MAGIC MAKERS Printed Color Learning Guide
MAGIC MAKERS Online Access For Quick & Easy Learning

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