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Magic Tricks You Can Make - Instant Download Combo

Magic Tricks You Can Make - Instant Download Combo

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In Stock: Download INSTANTLY from Master Magic Tricks by Magic Makers

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  • Magic Tricks by Magic Makers

Truly get inside the magic with this incredible 3 course magic training kit.

Making your own magic tricks is one of those arts that will gain you a TON of street cred when it comes to the world of professional magic.
Not to mention it is a BLAST to do with the right instruction.

EVERY working magician will benefit from the insights contained in these volumes. There are many high-level secrets revealed on this combo to take and run with. However although this package is beneficial to the professional magician the clear instructions and step-by-step direction will quickly get the student up to big-league status. In fact you will be performing breathtaking moves you only dreamed of in record time.

At one point in every big-time magicians career they have ventured down the path of creating their own tricks. Now here's your start.

What are you waiting for?

Magic You Can Make Yourself
On this featured magic training course Marty gives you 12 great magic tricks from his past lectures over the last 30 years. This assortment was personally selected to be included in his European lecture tour back in 2001. The response was tremendous and Magic Makers Inc. is proud to be bringing these great tricks to you!

Easy Card Tricks You Can Make At Home
In this instructional magic training course you will learn from one of the best Marty Grams he will show you how to make your own gaffed cards that will fool anyone. This course will teach you several ways to astonish your audience with amazing magic you can make at home.

The Art of Card Splitting
In this course Marty "Martini" Grams gives you his famous lecture "Lickety Split" on how to make your own gimmicked and gaffed cards step-by-step. As an added bonus "Martini"demonstrates the most famous packet tricks that use gimmicked cards and explains how to make & perform them. Learn how to make everything from "Acrobatic"cards to all the famous gaffed cards in this course.

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