Magic Levitation Kit

  • IN THE BOX: You will receive these amazing Magic Levitation tricks including Kinetic Card, a Red Bottle Cap, Bonus Secrets for how to levitate, and Magician’s Wax and Thread to make any dollar bill float.
  • KINETIC CARD: This trick is one of the very best effects in close-up magic. It’s the ultimate flying card trick and is sure to amaze any audience. Professional magician Eddy Ray demonstrates every part of this trick step-by-step in the teaching videos.
  • MAGIC SECRETS: Learn the secrets to these incredible magic tricks from experienced magicians who want you to succeed. This box contains memorable tricks that can be learned after watching the online video lessons.
  • UNLOCK THE MAGIC: Get access to magic teaching videos that show you the methods behind these impressive tricks. These step-by-step videos are taught by professional magicians and will quickly sharpen your magic skills. Now you’re ready to master all the tricks in your Magic Levitation Kit.



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