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Magic Makers

Magic You Can Make Yourself

Magic You Can Make Yourself

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In this series, Marty Grams gives you a series of great magic tricks from all of his past lectures for the last 30 years. These tricks were personally selected to be included in his 2001 European lecture tour. They are top-tier, need to know magic. The best part? Everything in this series can be made at home with very minimum costs or skill. Plus each and every item is fully explained, step-by-step for the highest quality tricks and props.

Course Includes:

  • Introduction to Magic You Can Make
  • The Floating Card
  • The Observation Test
  • The 7th Inning Stretch
  • No Sleight Card in Envelope
  • No Gimmick Card Frame
  • One Step Over the Borderline
  • 2001 Cards Across
  • Ring in a Teabag
  • Sands of Old Egypt
  • No Tug Coin Holder
  • Bill and Bubblegum
  • Bonus Trick
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