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Master's Coin Magic Kit - 100 Coin Tricks with Magic Coin Funnel

Master's Coin Magic Kit - 100 Coin Tricks with Magic Coin Funnel

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Includes Magic Coin Funnel

This is an amazing magical apparatus sure to stun your spectators.
Make coins effortlessly pass through a solid metal wall within the funnel!
Step-by-step instructional guide and online video support for easy learning.

*Coins not included. US quarters recommended. 

Have extra change lying around?
Then you’re ready to perform great magic!

With this 2 DVD set + Digital Download, you’ll be ready for anything.

Easy Coin Magic

Showoff with Coins

Ever find yourself playing with coins in your hands?
Toss a coin from one hand. Back and forth, until it changes to a completely different coin.
The coin can also be inspected.

Think a coin can pass through a solid object?
No? We’ll prove you wrong.
Create a fist with your left hand and lightly tap the coin against the top of your hand.
Rub it in. Open your fist to find that the coin traveled through your hand and into your closed fist.

With The Master’s Coin Magic Kit, you’ll be ready to perform these tricks and many more with any coin.

This complete course includes rare material from one of the best names in magic. Learn holds, grips, palms, and vanishes.

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