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Mind Bender

Mind Bender

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Learn the most practical spoon bending routine on the market plus two other impressive impromptu street routines!

Professional magician, Chad Sanborn, will share with you his famous spoon bending routine using an ordinary spoon!
As an ADDED BONUS, Chad will perform and teach his linking rubber bands routine and show you how to make coins vanish from one hand to the other!

“Learn these three effects and you will be a triple threat to your audience…” - Chad Sanborn


  • The Optical Bend: The ability to perform the ONLY spoon bending routine on the market where the spoon stays in full view the ENTIRE TIME
  • The Holy Grail: A fantastic "3 Fly" routine where 3 coins one by one vanish from one hand and appear in the other. This phenomenal routine uses only 3 coins
  • The Master Link: A very visual rubber band linking effect that looks like the rubber bands are clearly melting right through each other
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