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Modern Coin Magic with Performance Pad

Modern Coin Magic with Performance Pad

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A comprehensive educational approach to learning magic.

The Classic Course in Coin Magic is here on 4 DVDs! Now includes a performance pad!

Watch, in wonder and amazement, the most incredible sleights and tricks with coins! Then, learn step by step from the performer’s view, how you too can do these amazing coin moves! This 4 DVD Set is OVERLOADED with 170+ sleights and tricks using coins! All is carefully explained step by step from master magician Ben Salinas.

DVD ONE covers Coin Concealments, Basic Techniques, Coin Vanishes and Bonus Material. It includes everything from The Classic Palm to the Bobo Switch. Everything as basic as The Utility Switch and The Standard Vanish up to The French Drop (Le Tourniquet). Bonus Material includes The Muscle Pass and the Tenkai Pinch.

DVD TWO covers Complete Coin Vanishes, Quick Tricks, Cuffing, The Art of Sleeving, and Tricks Using Sleeving. You'll get everything from the Bobo Complete Coin Vanish to The Coin Fold The Envelope Vanish. Tricks such as The Double Penetration and The Coin Production from Two Cards along with the Dime and Penny for the Wiseacre.

DVD THREE covers Coin Across and Coin Classics such as The Curious Nickel, The Hippity Hop Half, The Flying Eagles, The Ghost of a Coin, and the Rattle Box Routine.

DVD FOUR covers everything you need to know about Coin Boxes, Shells and Folding Halfs, and other tricks, including The Miser’s Dream, and Perpetual Coins.

  • The Classic Course in Coin Magic is Here!
  • Watch, in Wonder and Amazement, the Most Incredible Sleights and Tricks with Coins!
  • Then, Learn, Step-by-Step From the Performer's View, How You Too Can Do These Amazing Coin Moves!
  • This 4 DVD Set is OVERLOADED with More Than 170+ Sleights and Tricks Using Coins!
  • Performance Pad Included
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