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My 14 Favorite Tricks - Instant Download

My 14 Favorite Tricks - Instant Download

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  • Magic Tricks by Magic Makers

Join the world-class illusionist, Reza, as he guides you through some of his all-time favorite tricks. Learn a handful of seriously impressive moves that require very little preparation or practice. From decks of cards, crayons to plastic water bottles, there'll be no limit to what you can use to create a visually striking spectacle. No matter where you or what tools you have available to you, you're going to blow your audience away.

Learn These Incredible Tricks...

  • Crazy Card Control
  • Salt Smash
  • The Magic Bottle
  • Gone
  • Telekinesis
  • Triple Prediction
  • The Ultimate Phone Trick
  • Mystery Levitation
  • Undercover Coin
  • Mind-Reading with Color
  • Secret Card Location
  • Torn & Restored
  • The Incredible Coin
  • Sponge Ball Magic Routine
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