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Magic Coloring Book - Pocket Size 4 X 5 in

Magic Coloring Book - Pocket Size 4 X 5 in

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Pocket Size Coloring Book (4 x 5 inches)
Astound your viewers as you flip through the coloring book and make images and colors appear and then vanish!

A pocket size coloring book is shown with its uncolored pages. Then it's flipped through again but this time the pages are now magically colored! For the awesome ending show the coloring book, a final time, reveals all pictures and colors are gone without a trace leaving nothing but blank pages!

This is a wonderful classic magic trick sure to create shock and awe!
An easy trick for beginner magicians to master in minutes!

The Performance

  1. You show a coloring book with all uncolored pages.
  2. You then magically make all of the pages colored!
  3. You give the coloring book a final shake and ALL OF THE PAGES ARE BLANK!

Product Details:
4 x 5 in. (Pocket Coloring Book Size).
Instructions Included for Easy Learning.
Created by Rob Stiff of Magic Makers, Inc.
Each coloring book is packaged in its own plastic bag with illustrated instructions.

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