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Secret Stripper Deck (Red or Blue)

Secret Stripper Deck (Red or Blue)

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Discover the power of the Secret Stripper Deck! (Blue or Red)

Any card is freely selected by a spectator without the magician seeing it.
The chosen card is then put back in the deck.
The magician can then instantly locate the selected card!

An amazing trick and very easy to do.

This trick is just one of a very wide variety of tricks that can be performed with this specialty deck.

The deck has been also referred to as the Tapered Deck, Wizard Deck, Slipper Deck, Biseaute Deck.
It is considered one of the oldest tricks decks ever made.
Also, found referenced as The Inverted Cards in Rational Recreations, vol. 4 by Doctor W. Hooper in the year 1802.

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