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Silk Through Mirror

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Magic Makers Silk Through Mirror is a stunning illusion that allows magicians to seemingly pass a silk handkerchief through a solid mirror, defying the laws of physics and leaving audiences in awe. The set includes a beautifully crafted mirror and a high-quality silk handkerchief, both designed for smooth and convincing performances.

Key Features:

• High-quality mirror and silk handkerchief for a professional appearance

• Easy to set up and perform, suitable for magicians of all skill levels

• Ingenious method ensures a seamless and baffling illusion

• Compact and portable, making it ideal for close-up performances and walk-around magic

• Provides a memorable and visually striking moment in any magic routine

With Magic Makers Silk Through Mirror, magicians can add an extra dimension of wonder to their performances. The illusion is perfect for incorporating into a variety of magic routines, from close-up shows to stage performances. Audiences will be left questioning their senses as they witness the impossible feat of a silk handkerchief passing effortlessly through a solid mirror. This powerful and versatile illusion is a must-have for any magician looking to create unforgettable moments of astonishment.