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Spell Binding Boxes With Vanishing Cloth

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Absolutely Amazing Magic

A true marvel of magic.

A spectator's signed coin is placed under a handkerchief and then held by the spectator. The magician then removes a golden container from his pocket and it is placed in the spectator's other hand. 

All in the spectator's hands, the coin from the handkerchief vanishes and then reappears inside the nest of boxes...

Skill Level:
Easy To Master

Four Spellbinding Box Set
Instant Loading Apparatus
Coin Vanishing Cloth
Illustration Step by Step Guide

SS Adams Co in the 1930's produced a metal & wooden set of "Nested Boxes."In the 1950's SS Adams Co mass produced their "Nested Boxes" in plastic; as seen referenced in the book 'Life of The Party' - A Visual History of The SS Adams Company Makers of Pranks & Magic For 100 Years" by Kirk Demarais.

Spell Binding Boxes With Vanishing Cloth Spell Binding Boxes With Vanishing Cloth