Spooky Magic Tricks Kit


Spooky Magic Tricks have always been a go-to for magicians of the past. Historic performers used suspense in their acts to frighten the audience, insuring their performance would be unforgettable. Inspired by an old haunted house, the collectible box contains many amazing magic tricks that are sure to scare the socks off your audience. These tricks include: Black Spider Deck, Vampire Dawn, the Original Haunted Key, the Secret Hand prank, Silk Thru Mirror, Itsy Bitsy Spider card trick and more. Get access to online video lessons where you can watch video series for Underground Magic, Mind Bender, Card Warp, Psychokinesis with Silverware, Thirteen, and Mentally Hyp. This Spooky Magic Tricks kit will provide endless hours of fun for both the performer and their unsuspecting audience. Now you're ready to learn spine-tingling magic with this unique kit.


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