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Super Subtle Card Tricks - Instant Download

Super Subtle Card Tricks - Instant Download

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In Stock: Download INSTANTLY from Master Magic Tricks by Magic Makers

The Super Subtle Card Miracles course includes four hours of lessons taught by magic expert Simon Lovell. Learn over 40 card tricks that can be performed with ANY deck of cards. Delivered to you in a digital download & streaming access pass that will instruct the basics and then reveal advance to exciting tricks and flourishes.

  • Watch - Learn - Perform
  • Instant Download and Streaming Access. Your videos can also be downloaded for offline viewing!
  • Magic Tricks by Magic Makers


  • New York Opener
  • Dave's Delight
  • Super Subtle Shuffle
  • Whimsy Aces
  • Crazy Aces
  • Speller Transition
  • Now You See 'Em
  • The Bullet Trick
  • F.T. Cut
  • Coming Up In The World
  • Topsy Turvy Deck
  • All Backs
  • Out of Town Kings
  • A Surprise Package
  • The Miracle Worker
  • Instant Change
  • Chicago Style
  • Faro Flush
  • Plunger Discovery
  • Triumph Location
  • Jackrobatics
  • Dingle's Elevator
  • Camouflage
  • King Kut
  • Supreme Reverse
  • Vanishing Deck
  • Happinstance
  • Ace Faroleros
  • Lady In My Sleeve
  • Optical Aces
  • Spectator Aces
  • Oops Again
  • Flourish Discovery
  • Ambitious Opener
  • Double Lift Feint
  • Double Lift & Change
  • Impossible Poker Stack
  • Peek Diablo
  • Super Special Prediction
  • One-Two False Cut
  • Maximus Control
  • Double Peek Control
  • Daley's Knockout

BONUS ROYAL CARD TRICK INCLUDED – Also known as the “Princess Card Trick” gain access to this trick along with color changing card gimmick

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