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The Vanishing Coin Trick - With Easy To Master Course In Coin Magic

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Make a coin magically disappear with our Vanishing Coin Trick!

The Vanishing Coin Trick - Ultimate Coin Magic Kit

Do you have coins in your pocket?
Do you want to perform magic?
Then you're ready to amaze with The Vanishing Coin Trick.

You'll be prepared for any situation with this astonishing coin effect because the trick can be performed in the spectator's hand! Plus this effect can be reset and performed more than once.

Routine performed and created by Rob Stiff. Inspired by Harry Houdini & Richard Himber (Dick Himber)

Kit includes:

  • Magic Makers Precision Made Vanishing Coin Gimmick - Also known to magicians as the Professional Scotch & Soda by Magic Makers
  • Visual Learning Guide With Illustrated Instructions
  • Step-by-Step Online Learning
  • Instructional Training Course Teaching Over 50 Additional Coin Effects
  • 50+ Bonus Coin Effects (Using Everyday Coins)
    Included in Instructional Course:


    • Vanishes
    • Coin Productions
    • Tranpositions
    • Transformations
    • Portable Magic
    • Comedy Routines
    • Close-Up Handling
    • Spectator Participation
    • Adaptable Coin Reveals

    Holds Grips & Palms

    • Finger Palm
    • Ramsay Subtlety
    • Classic Palm
    • Kaps Subtlety
    • Fingertip Rest
    • Thumb Palm
    • Downs Palm
    • Back Clip
    • Back Palm
    • Deep Back Clip
    • Edge Grip Var. 1
    • Edge Grip Var. 2
    • Curl Palm
    • JW Grip


    • Finger Palm
    • Vanish Finger Palm
    • Vanish Variation
    • French Drop
    • French Drop with Multiple Coins
    • Retention Vanish
    • Thumb Palm Vanish
    • Classic Palm Vanish
    • Fingertip Retention Vanish
    • Striking Vanish
    • JW Vanish


    • Bobo Switch
    • Shuttle Pass
    • Al Baker Steal
    • Friction Palm
    • Click Pass
    • Spellbound Change
    • Variation of Spellbound
    • Han Ping Chen